Makes Everyday
Food Healthier

Made from 8 sources of fibre
Enriched with vitamins C & D

Crunch Cutlery is a fun way to make sure that you and your loved ones are eating more fibre every day.

Fibre is important for digestive health and long-term wellness. Sadly, most people only eat 50% of the daily recommended requirement. Crunch Cutlery helps you to hit your daily recommended fibre in a fun and convenient way! 

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Natalie Lam

"It's My New Breakfast Routine!"

I was persuaded to try because of the fun flavours offered. I bought the Matcha flavoured spoons to go with my ice-cream and that was nice. But what really surprised me was how well it went with my breakfast! The flavour is light and refreshing with my morning breakfast!

"A Delicious Solution to Sustainability"

Tried it at an SMU event. It was really fun to eat and this is a truly innovative solution to sustainability! Eating the spoon!

Allison Lee

"I LOOVVEE the spoons!"

It was so fun eating with it and eating it! and the blue butterfly pea lychee flavoured spoon goes so well with anything dessert and it’s nice to crunch on it after a bowl of sweet anything. it’s an amazingly ingenious solution to plastic spoons and forks too. 10/10 would buy again!!

Bibiana Tan

"Truly Innovative"

Very yummy and nutritious! Not sweet and healthy tasting! Love the idea and the eco-friendly alternative to disposables.

Jeffery Koh

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