Frequently asked questions

What are Crunch Spoons made of ?

The primary ingredients are: Wheat flour, coconut oil, olive oil, food-grade coloring, olive oil, baking soda, and last but not least, love!

Why is it so expensive?

Each spoon is made tenderly by hand and we aim to bring the highest quality edible spoons that we can to you. If you love the idea and look forward to being eco-conscious without the hassle of washing up after meals - please help and support! It will go a long way towards a more sustainable future.

How long will your spoons last?

We base our creations on traditional recipes for hard tack. These are biscuits that last for years and used in wartimes and by sailors who are at sea for years. For the best tasting experience, you may keep our spoons chilled in the fridge but are encouraged to consume within 3 weeks upon receiving them. We bake a fresh batch for each order to guarantee freshness!

Only spoons? Do you bake forks and knife?

We are diligently conducting product testing at the moment. When we have forks and knifes that can successfully cut through pork chops or beef steaks - We will be sure to let you know! Follow us on social media to be kept updated!

What foods do you recommend eating them with?

Our favourites are ice-cream, acai bowls, soft-serve yogurts, and poke bowls (in no particular order!). The soft textures of such foods go well with the biscuit-like texture of our spoons. We are working hard towards ensuring multiple types of foods can be consumed with our spoons and therefore do not recommend using them with tough foods like meat or fried food at this point!

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