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NEW: Crunch & Carry

Designed For Convenience

Introducing the Crunch and Carry Bundle! 

Conveniently pack them in a chic case to use your spoons when you are out-and-about ! Each case can fit up to five spoons - so go ahead to match and mix your favourite flavours!


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Our Mission

Crunch Cutlery is the first startup to address the problems of plastic waste and poor urban nutrition with a single product. Every year, Singaporeans throw away 500 million units of disposable cutlery items.

We need to work together to bring that number down! Every CRUNCH Cutlery you use - is one less plastic cutlery polluting our environment.

What Our Customers Say


It's My New Breakfast Routine!

I was persuaded to try because of the fun flavours offered. I bought the Matcha flavoured spoons to go with my ice-cream and that was nice. But what really surprised me was how well it went with my breakfast! The flavour is light and refreshing with my morning breakfast!

Natalie Lam


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hatter street cakes cafe

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